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What is Rolling Ridge Study Retreat?

Rolling Ridge Study Retreat is an ecumenical faith community located on 1400 acres of wilderness south of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge. We are one of three groups affiliated with the Rolling Ridge Foundation, which owns the land. Together we maintain it as a wilderness preserve in which people of the Washington, DC metropolitan area and beyond can experience healing of body and spirit. Everyone is welcome.

Retreat House

We have a moderately sized, simple, family-style mountain cabin (the Retreat House) with six bedrooms used primarily by the ten or so area churches and faith communities who are our Partner Groups.

Several weekends each year, when the Retreat House is not in use by the Partner Groups, we offer structured retreats in these thematic areas: spirituality, meditative arts, earthkeeping, peacemaking and community (see upcoming events).

The Retreat House is available for use several weekends a year by individuals or groups outside of this planned structure; this is more likely the case during the week. There are other options for personal retreat. To see if a facility is available for a particular date, check our Facility Calendar.

The Retreat House sleeps 12-15, four of the rooms have bunk beds and two have full (double) beds. The House is a "self-care" facility: those who come bring their own linens and towels and bring and cook their own food. The Retreat House has a fully equipped kitchen and a dining area with two tables seating 8 each. Groups are responsible for leaving the Retreat House clean and ready for the next users.

Generally, rates for individual use are $30/person per weeknight and $35/person on weekends. Weekends have a $500 minimum.

Residential Community

A small volunteer community of committed individuals and couples live in five houses located across Deer Spring Creek, a five-minute walk from the Retreat House. We are here to help maintain the land and Retreat House and to serve as hosts and sometimes guides for those wishing to make a retreat and spend reflective time in a natural setting.

Contact Us

Rolling Ridge Study Retreat Community
120 Jubilee Lane
Harpers Ferry, WV 25425
Phone: 304-724-1069

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